The AGS 360o Change Management platform is the fastest growing Cloud platform used by organizations, consultancies, and individuals for assessing, conducting, and managing organizational change management, and a wide range of programs.

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Regular price: $159 per Excel toolkit

1. Change Impacts Toolkit

2. Privacy Impact Assessment

3. Data Protection Assessment

4. Economic Impact Assessment

5. Social Impact Assessment

6. Process Impact Assessment

7. Change management KPI Tracking & Measurement Toolkit

8. Org Readiness Toolkit

9. Stakeholder Management Toolkit

10. Communications Management Toolkit

11. Project Assessment Management Toolkit

12. Training Management Toolkit

13. Coaching Management Toolkit

14. Change Champions & Agents Management Toolkit

15. Resistance Management Toolkit

Comparison AGS Cloud Version AGS Download Version
Recurring Payment Yes (Monthly) No (One-time payment only)
Cancel Anytime You Want Yes (Cancel anytime and get a prorated refund) No (Payments are final)
Templates Yes Yes
Templates with Samples Yes Yes
Reporting Dashboards Yes Yes
Dashboards with Samples Yes Yes
Free Additions: Change Plan, Change Deliverables & Tasks Checklist, Change Roadmaps, Strategic Playbook, and Project Mgt Tracking Plan Yes Yes

Businesses, Consultants, Change Teams & Project Teams:

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Reporting and Real-time Analytics Automated process (As you input data, your reporting dashboards are automatically updated in real time) Manual process (1-3 clicks manual refresh needed)
Ability to Upload your Data from a Different Spreadsheet Yes (Seamless upload feature) No (But can copy/paste)
Export Your Data Yes (Export your data to Excel or PDF) Not applicable
Automatic Daily Data Backup Yes No
Available Data Rollback Feature Yes No
Add Teammates and Users Yes (Others can be added to your account) Yes (Single User License required for each)
Search & Filtering Capabilities Enhanced Searching & Filtering Capabilities Basic Searching & Filtering Capabilities
Automated Processes Full Automation Partial Automation
Enterprise-level Online Security & Cyber-Protection of Your Data Yes Not applicable to downloadable toolkits
Free Surveys & Questionnaires Yes (Selected AGS Toolkits) Yes (Selected AGS Toolkits)
Free Enhancements Based on Ever-Changing Change Mgt Practices Yes
(Because the Cloud version is in the Cloud and we own the technology, we’re free to continuously innovate, enhance, improve, and support the platform)
(The Excel version does not include future enhancements or improvements. It’s a one-time purchase only.)
Free Upgrades & Ongoing Toolkit Optimization Yes (Free auto upgrade) No (The Excel version is a downloadable version, but because Excel is a Microsoft platform, we are limited on how we can support it.)
Best for Change Practitioners, Consultants, Project Managers, Change Managers, Consulting Firms, HR, Project Resources, Admins, Communication Specialists, Change Management Teams, Trainers, Coaching Practitioners, Change Champions/Agents, Government Agencies, Corporate Leaders, Marketers, and many more. Those who prefer Excel, and the ability to make their own customizations or technical changes to the toolkit. People who prefer to download and own the toolkit forever – without any future enhancements.

AGS Cloud Change Management Analytics

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